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Paracosm: A detailed imaginary world.
Cosmos: The universe as a complex and orderly system

Paracosmos is a daily art exhibition focused around worldbuilding. Our aim is to consistently create original artwork that can be strung together into fun and exciting stories. Join us by tagging your artwork on Instagram, Twitter, or the social platform of your choice!

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Check out our monthly prompt and share your work on social media -- Instagram for illustrators, Twitter for writers -- #Paracosmos!


Take an idea and run with it: authors and artists can team up to bring about the best of both visions. Build worlds, not islands.


Browse the feed below, or search for #Paracosmos on the social media platform of your choice. New prompts are posted every month.

August 2017 Theme:

Survey the Cosmos

Paracosmonauts are invited to explore a new theme or idea every month. These prompts are intended to loosely unify the next 30 days of content without bogging down submissions with rigid constraints. Got a pet topic? Toss it up on the current community query!

The idea with the most votes then becomes the next lens through which Paracosmos takes shape. Anything from villainous lairs to super-powered megaflora can be next month’s flavor – propose your own using the new idea button or show some support for existing suggestions.